1:1 Career Consultation

Our career consultation services will be provided by certified Career Services Providers. After completing the whole self and career discovery programme, you will leave with clarity and an executable plan to achieve your career goals.

We recommend 4-5 sessions over 1-2 months to complete the whole programme following our 4-step approach:

Step 1

Trust Building

We will understand your background, past, needs and expectations from the consultation sessions.

Step 2


Through formal and informal assessments, we will clarify your values, competencies, strengths and market needs.

Step 3

Goal & Game Plan

You will be guided to set career goals and an execution plan. We will analyse the challenges and obstacles together.

Step 4


We will review your progress, refine the execution plan, and summarise the consultation sessions.

Who should join: anyone who feels lost or wants a breakthrough in their career

Cost: HKD500 per session (1 hour)

Standard Package: HKD1800 (4 sessions, 1 hour each)

Format: in-person or online video meeting