SEIP Assessment

SEIP Assessment

According to McKinsey Global Institute research, social and emotional skills are the second most important in the workforce in 2030, after technological skills.

Take our Social-Emotional Intelligence Profile (“SEIP”) Assessment to understand where you are in the 26 SEI skills and start getting future-ready today!

How It Works

Step 1

Online SEIP Assessment

Consisting of 40 questions, you can take the SEIP assessment any time, any where.

Step 2

Detailed Report

After taking the SEIP assessment, you will receive a 40-page detailed report.

Step 3

1:1 Consultation

You will have a 50-minute 1:1 report debriefing with our ISEI-certified coach

Our ISEI Certified Coach

Shirley Whing Chow

The first and only bilingual ISEI certified Social-Emotional Intelligence Coach in Hong Kong, Canfield certified Success Principles Coach


I've taken many personality and performance assessments over the years. By far SEIP was the most comprehensive. Shirley's debriefing and explanation provided advice I can use going forward.
Therese Nicklas
Certified Financial Planner, featured in Forbes, CNN Money

Social-Emotional Intelligence Profile

The SEIP adopts Four-Quadrant Model of Social and Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, awareness of others and relationship management. They are further broken down to 26 skills that are measured by self-reporting in the assessment.


Other Awareness


Relationship Management

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