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Dive into Your Future: BehindTitles "Joppetizer" Summer Occupation Experience 2024

Discover Your Career Path in Healthcare This Summer

Explore diverse roles in healthcare: Nurse, Clinical Psychologist, Pharmacist, and Occupation Therapist through our curated hands-on interactive workshops with industry experts!

Enroll now and embark on an enriching summer with BehindTitles.

Bonus: Show your passion with BehindTitles’ certificate for university applications!

About the Programme

"Joppetizer" Summer Occupation Experience Programme 2024

The “Joppetizer” Summer Occupation Experience Programme, provided by BehindTitles, is a distinctive initiative aimed at offering high school students an opportunity to gain exposure to various professions. The theme this year is Healthcare. With curated tasks and direct engagement with industry experts, participants will acquire firsthand experience to make well-informed decisions about their future.

How It Works

Each occupation experience on BehindTitles consists of two days, spanning a total of 6 hours. The first day is dedicated to the Interview, while the second day is all about the hands-on experience. This year, we are thrilled to offer a complimentary Day 0: Person Growth & Team Building session. Priority for this bonus event will be given to students who sign up for two or more occupations.

Join us at BehindTitles and make the most out of your career exploration journey.

Day 0: Growth

2.5 Hours, In Person @ CUHK Innoport

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and build a supportive community that encourages and inspires each other on your career journey, all with the guidance of certified Career Development Facilitators. (Optional)

Day 1: Interview

3 hours, Zoom

Connect with like-minded individuals, enhance interview skills with the ‘5 why’s’ technique, and gain invaluable insights from stimulating conversations with industry experts. Seek answers to your burning questions.

Day 2: Experience

3 Hours, In person

Based on the interview, BehindTitles and the industry expert will curate interactive tasks or cases related to the occupation for you to try, giving you a chance to get hands-on and truly dive into the experience!

Programme Schedule

Joppetizer Summer Occupation Experience Programme Timeline

Day 0: Personal Growth
July 13, 2024 (Sat)
4pm - 6.30pm
CUHK Innoport
Occupation Therapist
Day 1 : Interview
July 14, 2024 (Sun)
10am - 1pm
Day 2 : Experience
July 20, 2024 (Sun)
10am - 1pm
CUHK Innoport
Day 1 : Interview
July 16, 2024 (Tue)
10am - 1pm
Day 2 : Experience
July 30, 2024 (Tue)
2pm - 5pm
To be confirmed
Clinical Psychologist
Day 1 : Interview
July 23, 2024 (Tue)
10am - 1pm
Day 2 : Experience
August 1, 2024 (Thu)
2pm - 5pm
CUHK Innoport
Day 1 : Interview
August 8, 2024 (Thu)
2.30pm - 5.30pm
Day 2 : Experience
August 18, 2024 (Sun)
2pm - 5pm
To be confirmed

Programme Fee

Today’s experience is way better than expected. I really did learn much more than expected. Thank you!

Joey Lee, S.5

Participant of Chiropractor Experience 2023

I learned more than in the summer camp offered by a university that spanned 5 days and cost me a few thousand.

Emily Chan, S.5

Participant of Doctor Experience 2023

My son said the Chinese medicine class was quite interesting. Many thanks to you and the teacher!

Mr Zhu

Parent of a participant of Chinese Med Practitioner Experience 2023

Your effort in organising these meaningful events is much appreciated.

Ms Lui

Careers Mistress of a renowned Band 1 Girls school


Unlock Your Future with Joppetizer!

Step into the world of healthcare with our Joppetizer Summer Occupation Experience Programme. This is your chance to gain real-world experience and make informed decisions about your career path. Don’t miss out—spaces are limited!


Find answers to your questions about our summer programme below.

Who is eligible to participate?

The programme is open to both local and international students who are currently in S3 to S6 and are interested in the healthcare industry. 

What are the application deadlines?

As spaces are limited, applications should be submitted one week before the interview day of each occupation.

What is the instruction language?

The instruction language will be Cantonese supplemented with English. All our materials will be in both Chinese and English. If non-Cantonese speaking students are in the class, we will either change the instruction language to English or arrange an interpreter for the students, depending on the number.

What can participants expect from this experience?

Participants can expect to gain practical life skills, professional knowledge, work on modified real-world cases, network with industry professionals and like-minded peers, and enhance their interview and social skills during the experience at BehindTitles.

Do I have to join all four occupations?

You can join one occupation only which you will get a Certification of Participation. You need to join at least two occupations in healthcare to receive the Certificate of Completion in Healthcare Career Exploration.

Can I cancel my application after payment?
If circumstances change unexpectedly, you can cancel your application with BehindTitles. We offer credits equivalent to the amount you paid, which can be used for our other services. To cancel, simply send an email to joppetizer@behindtitles.com at least two weeks before Day 1 of your enrolled occupation. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we value each and every one of our customers.
I come from low income family. How can I join your programme?

At BehindTitles, we believe in providing equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their socio-economic status. Students with a family income below HKD10,000/month can participate in each occupation experience for HK100. Limited spots available. Please have your teacher write a recommendation letter with contact details and email kristen@behindtitles.com to apply.

Supporting Organisation:

<br />
Hong Kong Secondary School Association 香港中學生聯會

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