The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies

Pre-occupation online programme 2023

We are delighted to be a partner of the Academies by the Harvard Student Agencies, Inc. (HSA) in Hong Kong to offer their pre-occupation programme. 

HSA is the largest student-run non-profit corporation in the world. The Academies by HSA offers pre-professional programs for high school students, all taught by trained Harvard undergraduate students with work experience at top companies.

Harvard Style

All courses are inspired by and modeled after introductory courses at Harvard University

Expand Network

Connect with and learn from your Harvard student instructor and other like-minded students

HSA Certificate

Students will get a certificate issued by the Harvard Student Agencies after the programme

Small Class

Maximum 14 students per class for personalised attention and optimal learning

Programmes Offered - Led by harvard's brightest students


No, you can take level II class without attending level I.

The Harvard student instructors of the programmes are not obliged to provide services after the end of the programme. However, most of the Harvard student instructors are very friendly and helpful. From our past programmes, some even helped review personal statements for college applications and share career or study advice. 

The Academies by Harvard Student Agencies has been running the programme since 2014. They have a vigorous process of student instructor selection. For example, they must have had work experience in renowned companies. They also have to go through training before delivering the courses.

Since the Academies needs to arrange the programme and reserve the Harvard student instructor, you may request an 80% refund at least 2 weeks before the start of the programme if you cancel your seat. 20% of the paid programme fee would be kept as an admin fee. 

If the student has an emergency and notifies us before the start of the programme with proof, we can arrange 50% refund, subject to approval from the Harvard Student Agencies.

Once the programme has started, no refund on a particular day will be available per HSA policy, just like school or university classes.

Yes! The Harvard Student Agencies is a non-profit and its mission is to provide experiential, educational, and business opportunities to Harvard undergraduates. So they only hire Harvard undergraduates. You can read more about them at 

HSA does charge a fee for their programmes as they run the company like a business and pay their undergraduate students for their work. Profits made by HSA go to student aids for Harvard University, thus they are a non-profit organisation. 

Yes, you can find the programme at the website of the Academies by HSA. However,  signing up via BehindTitles is cheaper because we have a partnership agreement with the Academies by HSA, and the programme timeslots are catered for GMT +8 timezone.


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Interested in real work experience? Our internship programme for S.3-6 students will be launched Summer 2023! 

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